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Want a customized Mitigating Microaggressions workshop where each department generates their own remedies? Or a day-long retreat to learn power analysis and design equitable solutions to climate change? We can design custom engagements for a wide range of client needs and situations – always they are rooted in our Authentic Design Practice.

“AA&M defined a critical emergent strategy approach, helping our organizing team and training cohort grow wiser, more embracing of our own strengths and uniqueness, and ready to move through anti-racism work in a sustainable way. I am so grateful for our learning time together.”

Mina MoritaArtistic Director, Crowded Fire Theater

Authentic Arts & Media’s

Trainings & Workshops

We have a lot of equity, diversity, and inclusion trainings and workshops we have developed over the years, ranging from just getting folks started to generative sessions designed for those with a chunk of learning under their belt. If you’re interested in hiring us for an engagement with your organization, below is a non-exhaustive list of engagements we offer so you can get some ideas.

Got Bias? Foundations of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

A live, 4 hour training, Foundations of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) introduces the core concepts of implicit bias, privilege, belonging, and cultural allyship. Drawing on creative and holistic methodologies, the training is a combination of learning modules, interactive activities, and discussions.

Mitigating Microaggressions Mastermind Workshop

What do you do when you witness or commit a microaggression? What are ways we can work to prevent them? Join this generative workshop where we will identify challenges and devise tangible solutions for responding to and recovering from these all too common forms of oppression.

Transgender and Non-Binary Equity 101

Transgender and non-binary people face increased violence, discrimination, and barriers to opportunity, especially in recent years. This is often perpetuated by organizations, both consciously and unconsciously. Understanding the unique and varying challenges faced by transgender and non-binary folks is key to being able to create a welcoming environment and connecting them to your programs. In this training, we’ll explore gender in all its depth and beauty, misgendering mistakes and healing, and ways to create welcome and belonging for transgender and non-binary folks.

Growing EDI Accountability in Your Organization

As we move towards greater equity in the arts, how can we make sure that the changes made now can last far into the future? This 4-hour interactive workshop will take the 12 design principles of permaculture and lead arts workers in a process of identifying specific strategies and practices that will support & sustain accountability around equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). Participants will work together to generate holistic and sustainable solutions and leave with a map for growing accountability in their organizations.

Honoring Your Artistic Practice

Your success as an artist does not depend on your talent. Successful artists understand their practice emotionally, financially and strategically. By investigating your values, priorities, and income, participants will learn how to define & achieve goals steadily over time. Participants will identify their core values and learn how to use them to make decisions that sustain their whole self.