Nothings happens in isolation. There is always a squad, collaborators, a body that supports change occurring.

Sage CrumpCultural Strategist

Experience joy in creating meaningful and lasting change. #squadgoals

We know the power of arts and media in our world. When we create greater equity in these areas, there are transformational ripple effects. And, while change is often challenging, that doesn’t mean the process to get there can’t be fun and joyful. In fact, we find it makes the ripples reach farther.

There is an art to crafting engagements that are both effective and effusive – when accomplished, the alchemy is powerful. Our team works with you to identify and bring forth the right elements to create a container of authentic and joyous transformation towards EDI – the kind that sends transformational ripples out into the world.

Previous projects have included...

  • Organizational culture development including equity values, community agreements, and equity commitments.
  • 360-degree Equity Assessments: including interviews, surveys, and focus groups.
  • Comprehensive EDI Action Plans: with concrete action-ables for the next 12-36 months.
  • Customized EDI trainings, workshops, and other engagements. Learn more about our custom engagements here.
  • EDI-based teambuilding.
  • Collaborative community and network convenings.
  • Program design, review and/or redesign: from fellowships to funding practices.
  • EDI-centered organizational leadership retreats.