Help Your Front of House

Keep Patrons Coming Back.

It’s quick, fun, and engaging so your team doesn’t tune out and even infrequent volunteers can find the time. If you’re looking to elevate your front of house’s level of service and ability to welcome diverse patrons, this training is for your team.

Create Joy for the Job

With a focus on practical skills like Patron-First Communication using inquiry for problem solving, team members of all skill levels are sure to walk away with new tools for interacting with patrons. Everything is taught through a mix of videos, interactive dialogue roleplays, and quizzes that ensure folks stay engaged and try out their knowledge before moving on.

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Unconscious bias and its Impacts on the Front of House
The Importance of Inclusion for Team Collaboration and Cohesion
What Microaggressions Are and How to Mitigate Them
Deep Dives into Accessibility and Gender Inclusion for Patrons and Teammembers
Patron-First Communication and Using Inquiry to Solve Problems

We Fit the Needs of All Sizes of Presenting Organizations and Venues

Designed with Your Team in Mind

 Every aspect of our training was designed hand in hand with performing arts organizations and venues to give your team the tools and info they need to succeed while keeping them engaged. We don’t just want your team members to learn the fundamentals of creating welcome and belonging in the front of house – we want them to have fun doing it!

Centering Joy

Using comedy and the art of drag, our training brings joy and keeps folks engaged.

Interactive Throughout

Key learnings are reinforced with interactive quizzes and activities that engage the whole mind.

Focused on the Practical

Includes practical tips and golden rules for applying EDI to the front of house.