EDI Training

On-Demand for your

front of house staff.

As a presenting arts organization, the last thing you want while you grow equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) into your organization is for the usher who started just last week to undermine your hard work through implicit bias or microaggressions.

Enter our “Creating Welcome and Belonging for the Front of House” training – on-demand, online, and affordable so you can easily make sure everybody on your team knows how to create a truly inclusive space. In 45 to 60 minutes team members are trained on key EDI topics that are a part of the front of house experience through a mix of engaging lessons and activities.


How Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Work Together to Create Welcome and Belonging
How Implicit and Explicit Bias Exist in the Front of House
What Are Microaggressions and How to Mitigate Them
Deep Dives into Accessibility and Gender Inclusion for Patrons and Teammembers
Patron-First Communication and Using Inquiry to Solve Problems

Available for a Sliding Scale Fee

To Fit the Needs of All Sizes of Presenting Organizations and Venues

Designed with Your Team in Mind

 Every aspect of our training was designed hand in hand with performing arts organizations and venues to give your team the information they need to succeed while keeping them engaged. We don’t just want your team members to learn the fundamentals of equity, diversity, and inclusion – we want them to have fun doing it!

Centering Joy

Using comedy and the art of drag, our training brings joy and keeps folks engaged.

Interactive Throughout

Key learnings are reinforced with quizzes and interactive activities.

Focused on Practical

Includes practical tips and golden rules for applying EDI to the front of house.