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“Growing Equity, Diversity,

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should be a joyful experience”

Challenging topics don’t need to feel painful. Led by Beatrice Thomas, our team brings creativity and innovation to every training and consultation, so that we can lead you through a process full of collective accomplishment and joy. We focus not only on giving you and your team the tools you need to dismantle bias – we also give you the energy to go out and start using them.

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anti-racism foundations of EDI training still

On-Demand Trainings to Advance EDI

These are not the boring equity, diversity, and inclusion trainings that have become all too common. We are giving you fundamental learning in packages that are designed to excite and engage. Grow your team on your own schedule and make sure new team members are adding to and not distracting from making sure all feel welcome and belonging in your organization. There’s something for all experience levels.

Organizational Consulting & Cultural Strategy

While trainings are a first step, embedding EDI into your organization takes a long commitment to systemic and cultural change. We work with you to conduct an assessment of the challenges and opportunities you face, then use that to craft a comprehensive Action Plan that will guide your progress for years to come. We also help organizations tackle strategic planning, program design, and cultural shifts of all kinds.

Customized Workshops & Trainings

Have us create exclusive engagements that are custom-tailored to your communities’ needs. We specialize in innovation and design justice, bringing you workshops & trainings that break free of old paradigms to liberate process and participants alike while centering those who are historically excluded. At all times we use inquiry and popular education to center the expertise your team brings.

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

"Beatrice and AA&M helped me gain much more confidence as a facilitator! Our training sessions were packed with information, but also flexible enough to accommodate the needs and learning styles of everyone in the room."

Jordan BattlePatron & Community Engagement Manager, EDI Facilitator

"Beatrice and their team understood the complexity of our organizational history and the depth of the work that we were undertaking, as well as its impact on many communities. They uplifted us and supported us in our work."

Tara DalboDeputy Executive Director, La Peña Cultural Center

"Difficult conversations are the heart of social change work. Beatrice is that one in a million facilitator who can make difficult conversations transformative, impactful, and FUN."

Hope MohrManaging Director, Hope Mohr Dance
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