Types of Services

Live Workshops & Trainings

Attend one of our equity, diversity, and inclusion trainings in our "Got Bias?" series or join a peer-supported mastermind to devise new equity tools and practices. We also work with clients to custom-build EDI engagements specifically for their needs. Learn about our Authentic Design Practice below.

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On-Demand Trainings

We are in active development of a number of on-demand equity, diversity, and inclusion trainings for folks who work in arts and media. Spring 2022 we will be launching our first, specifically for performing arts front of house workers. These trainings will allow new workers to be brought up to speed with EDI.

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Organizational Consulting

For organizations that are ready to make a deep investment in embedding equity, diversity, and inclusion into their culture and policies, we offer holistic consulting services. Using our Authentic Design Practice, we center process over product to advance you on your EDI journey.

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Our Authentic Design Practice

Over the years, we have developed a unique design practice that is solutions-based while also centering process over product. Our Authentic Design Practice is rooted in inquiry, innovation, design justice, popular education, creativity, and fun. Whether with trainings or consulting, these principles give guidance and energy to our work.


Before you can know, you've got to ask. Progress, both for individuals and organizations, begins with this key act of asking and listening.

Innovation & Design Justice

There is a real need for new and better tools for equity. We are constantly designing anew and refining the old in order to liberate learners of all ability.

Popular Education

We honor that there is great power in collective knowledge, and guide you in surfacing your own answers and remedies.

Creativity & Fun

This is hard work, but you can still enjoy it! We weave humor, fun, and collective joy throughout our practice so folks stay energized and engaged.

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Who are we excited to consult with?

While our trainings and workshops are open to pretty much anybody who would like to attend, we are more selective with our long-term consulting clients. Most important to us is that the organizational leadership be committed to real change. What do we mean by real change? We mean the kind that might feel a little painful, but leads to joyous results. Our team is best suited to help organizations make an authentic assessment of the state of EDI in their systems and culture, then start to take the needed actions to reach their EDI goals. It may not be an easy process, but we promise it is transformational.

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